Travel Talks.

We all have those days where getting up for another work grind seems a little to much, something just doesn’t sit right anymore. I always wanted to travel, see the world… well, in honesty, go to New Zealand to find Xena Warrior Princess. I studied, probably not as hard as I should have done, but I graduated. But like a lot of students, finding themselves a little short on the work front, at least in the trade they trained in. So I became a chef, I became a chef because whilst studying I had got a summer job as a chef to fund a car project, a blue Austin Mini Mayfair… with a Union Jack on the top. I thought it was the bees knees… other than the fact when it arrived it wasn’t as mobile as one would have hoped, intact, not mobile at all! Which triggered something, the idea of driving around the south of France with my custom made Mini, wild camping and watching sunsets over the ocean.

Unfortunately, time and money became and issue, and the Mini along with all its romanticised adventures took a back seat. A little while later, I got my second classic car, a Triumph Acclaim, a proper grandad car. It was awesome. Little calcifier was the beginning, a taste of what freedom was like. Though it was definitely a steep learning curve, my choice of cars left a little to be desired and I wound up on a snowy night waiting for a break-down pick up. I instantly missed my freedom, and decided it was time to seek ‘freedom’ further afield and find Xena. I sold my car, booked a one way ticket and prepare for making the adventures a reality.



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