One day she sat alone in a park thinking about where her life was heading, she felt an overwhelming feeling that she didn’t belong, alone nobody really seemed to understand her. After a short while, An elderly lady sat down next to her, looking at her intently. Feeling awkward she thought about moving, but when the lady spoke, she asked, ‘why do you look so troubled?’ Thinking hard she replied ‘I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders, and yet I can do nothing, I am one person alone.’ The elderly lady replied ‘your only limitation is the one you put on yourself, and the ones you let others place on you, we all have the power to make a difference, big or small, you cannot let your doubts consume you, follow your heart, and happiness and fulfillment will come to you.’ Feeling tears in her eyes, she thought back to the stars and the dreams of saving animals and uncovering secrets. ‘Follow your dreams, you only have yourself to answer to, Your dying regrets will be of the things you didn’t do, follow your heart and happiness and fulfillment will find you, break your own chains.’ Olivia thought on this ‘but I need to buy a house, get married, have kids, earn a good wage, get a good car I need to be respectable and fulfill my role in society’ ‘everybody is searching for something my dear, don’t let the expectations of others hold you back from your true potential, There is only one of you in there is only one of you in this world, only you can know what you want.’ The elderly lady arose, her old eyes looked to the red sky ‘The sun is setting, but tomorrow is a new day, what will the sunrise bring you?’

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