Olivia sunrise.

That morning Olivia awoke restless from the night before, she felt different. A feeling of desire and wanderlust took over her mind. She told herself to stop being so foolish, what could the world offer that she couldn’t get here? She headed to work, she worked for a law firm, a company that had been known for having few morals. Cunning lawyers putting people in prison even when innocent to earn the most money. As she arrived at work a mother and 2 children walked past her crying. She knew their case, the father had asked for money from a drug lord, and when he couldn’t pay up he was brutally murdered and body put out for display. Despite there being over whelming evidence of the criminals that murdered an innocent man, the lawyers at her firm where the best, and they where set free. Leaving the family alone with no justice. Olivia felt sick, when did the public defenders become so corrupt? When did greed consume the hearts of so many? She brushed the thought away and went to the office. At the office she was greeted happily by her co-workers, she was always friendly to everyone but never felt any belonging. The conversations where the same, who had the newest gadget, who had slept with who, another drunken night, the weekend, so called friends bitching about each other being each other backs. She began to wonder, when did people become so shallow? When did possessions make you successful? When did loyalty to friends loose it’s meaning? When did alcohol become the only way to have a good time? When did who you had sex with become the most interesting thing to discuss? Was this all life is? Her boss approached her, he was dressed in the finest suit money could buy, slicked back hair and piercing eyes, he asked to see her in his office. He winked at her as he walked away, a pig headed man at best. He was known for seducing women from the office, consuming to many drugs and selling his soul for a paycheck. She heard the voice of the elderly lady in her mind ‘follow your heart’ she felt her chest tighten and her heart beat quicken. She grabbed her bag and ran for the exit, she didn’t stop untill she got home. She slammed the door shut and collapsed on the floor, her head spinning, what as she doing? She ran to her wardrobe, collected her things and filled her car. Where was she going she wondered? South, do I tell anyone? No they’ll think me insane, I’ll make arrangements when I get to the border. She set her sights for adventure, to explore new cultures, push herself to new levels and discover what she is capable of. First stop, Mexico.



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