Apple tree.

Someone told me once that it was time to plant the tree, grow roots.

‘You plant the tree, your roots grow stronger, you need stability.’

At the time I was backpacking through New Zealand, I took note, but felt as though he was trying to clip my wings. So I went forward, I continued to follow my heart and follow every dream of adventure and excitement. Why would I want to plant my roots when the world is my playground? Why worry about bills when I can took a ticket and sit in the sun on a beach in Costa Rica? or meet Elephant families in South Africa? 2015 I moved to Edinburgh, but continued my cycle of running away to different parts of the globe. 2016, I came back, tired of starting again, tired of working the kitchens long hours, working the kitchens felt like giving up apart of my spirit, I didn’t want to work in a room with no windows, un-required stress to ensure people got their burgers in time. I missed working with Elephants, Turtles, Farming to name a few things I’ve dabbled in. So I signed up to study, retrain in something I could take with me anywhere. But things didn’t go so well, 2016 as some may agree, wasn’t a good year…. (apart from Jan – April which was spent in Central America, Iceland and New Zealand…. gotta get your fix!). But the end of 2016 I found myself at bit of a loss, and I found myself doing what we all dread… going home. felt like I hit rock bottom. But quickly I realised, I had roots here, it wasn’t about clipping your wings, it was about building relationships, having people around you who can bring out the best in you, and you in them. Planting the tree wasn’t about stopping and conforming, it’s not about clipping your wings, its about finding happiness somewhere, and being able to go back to. As many travellers will know, the adventure is great, but the hardest part is saying goodbye, and knowing it’ll never be the same. I have recently moved back to Edinburgh, to study, to let go, to reconnect with friends, and to live and be happy. I will never loose my travel spirit, but it’s important to never loose a place to call home.

Thank you to everyone who pulled me through 2016.

It’s time to make roots, freedom is a state of being.


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