cropped-the-milk-carton-kids1.pngSo today, for the first time in almost a year, I managed to sink my feet in the sand, and feel the oceans breeze. After 3 days of being cooped up (study related) it was time to break free, find a little piece of ‘tranquility’.’ I’ve recently moved to Portobello, Edinburgh, I’ve been putting off going to the beach for multiple reasons, but today was the day. Sun was shining, seagulls, calling, birds tweeting. I packed my bag, and made for the beach. One good thing about a Scottish beachfront, lack of people. Not to say I’m not a people person, on the contrary, I find people fascinating, everyone has a new story to tell, adventure to share. But today I needed to get back in touch with nature. Not always so easy without a car and in the city. I sat on the beach front, toes covered in sand, and with the sound of the waves, a feeling of peace washed over me. A reminder, that it’s all well and good, working lots to earn cash, studying hard for the future, but its also important to look after the ‘inner’ you. The one that motivates you, drives you to the next step, you need to find your moment of peace and calm.

I am now back home, ready to prep for the next part of my ‘study adventure’ after remembering why I am putting myself through online learning whilst being the kind of person that likes the great outdoors. Sometimes it pays to make a little sacrifice here and there.


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