About Me

So where to begin, I’m a twenty-something curious cat with the tendency to get lost on random adventures in various parts of the world. I began my journey in 2013, as usual I had nothing planned, I booked my one way flight to New Zealand (Stopping in Australia and Thailand along the way). I set my sights high, but I won’t like, the first few months I’d have probably jumped at a cat’s shadow. But I was determined to make it through Thailand and Australia to find Xena running around in New Zealand. It was a bump start, I appeared to lose the power of speech, bangkok’s crazy hustle and bustle blew my mind, Khao San Road was like no night out you’d ever had before, and I’m not just talking about lady boy shows, back alley reggae bars, the notorious ‘hit the floor’ shot, the buckets, kids the age of 4 or 5 selling you flowers at 4am on a school night, initiation of fire. I made my way through thailand and although a bumpy start.. My first ‘excursion’ turning out to the the trip of a nightmare (leeches, broken legs, broken rafts etc) I ended up leaving the country enchanted but feeling like I had walked in every other backpackers shoes. I began pining for something bolder, from there on i tried my hardest to find something that brought me excitement and and new in this already overly explored world. I worked in the outback, with rescued elephants, in rainforests, on safari, with turtles, you name it, and in doing so finding something I am truly passionate about (besides travel), and that’s the very ground you walk on, the delicate balanced eco-systems, the mysteries of a turtles nomadic lifestyle, the key to our future through geology of the past. Back when this all began, I was the most timid, anxious person you could meet, over-analyzing was unfortunately probably my key skills. I am now someone who can hitch-hike through mexico, sky-dive, scuba dive, to name a few, I don’t say this to brag, but to entice all those out there who think they are incapable of seeing the world or give up travelling as an aspiration because of fear. If little me (5’2ft) can face the world after courses of depression, anxiety, OCD, can come out head strong and confident enough to face Africa, Central america, then the only limitation is the one you put on yourself. Embrace your dreams, face your fears, swim with the fish, fly with the birds, let your feet take you into enchanted adventures.